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Hasn’t Trump Been Grotesque Enough? Apparently Not.

Janice —I know that Halloween is long since gone (thank God), but I my anger and disgust regarding Mr. Trump’s fat-shaming remarks to children lingers. You may well not have even heard about this. After all, it was just one more appallingly disgraceful remark. Who can even keep track anymore?

Mr. Trump hosted a reception on Halloween in the Oval Office for young children whose parents are members of the Press Corps. In case you missed it, what seemed to be his version of small talk turned out to be insults aimed at the children’s parents. Then, Lady Macbeth, AKA Sarah Huckabee Sanders, walked in the room with a large box filled with bags of candy. As he was handing out the candy, he said to one little girl:

Well, you have no weight problems. That’s good news, right? So you take out whatever you need, okay?

I cannot help but think of the other children in the room. I guarantee you that there was at least one little girl (and maybe a little boy, too) who thought, “Do I have a weight problem?” In a country where even nine-year old girls are on diets, let’s not let the President’s disgraceful comments go unnoticed and merely shrugged off.

In case you want to see this travesty for yourself, be my guest.