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The Perfect Meal

I’ve been visiting Karen, my friend of 65 years, and her husband Peter this weekend. Last night, we (a term I use loosely, since they did almost everything) cooked a meal together and then shared the feast. It was a perfect evening. Karen, Peter, and I have all had difficult health and personal challenges — who hasn’t when they’ve reached our age? But a shared meal and shared stories are such an incredible tonic. Yes, this blog is about healthy eating and healthy moving —but all that is in the service of a happy life; and I can’t imagine much of anything that contributes more to that happy life than sharing delicious food with delicious loved ones. We made Dorie Greenspan’s shrimp and tomato-pineapple salsa tacos recipe, and it was a triumph.

I live alone, which suits me just fine. But I admit to a tendency to overdo the solitude thing. So I’ve added to my checklist a pledge to share a meal at least once a week with a beloved friend or family member. I’m looking forward to keeping that pledge.

Oh, and tonight, Karen, Peter, and I will go out to dinner and then come back to their house so that, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Peter will read Yeats to us (and, and some point, become a bit weepy). What could be better?