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An Autumn Grilling Extravaganza

I know it’s technically still summer, and I know it’s still hot, and yet…Once Labor Day is over and school has begun, it’s fall, right? I’m still nostalgic for the days when I would arrange my loose-leaf paper and dividers into a 3-ring notebook and assure myself that this year, I’d be organized. Those days are gone, along with those false assurances, but it’s still fall. Almost.

Which reminds me that when my daughter Joanna recently visited, she grilled an unusual mélange of vegetables that opened my eyes to new grilling opportunities, including fall root vegetables.

Grilled asparagus is not a surprise. But grilled carrots? Grilled trumpet mushrooms? Brilliant! And just to add some weird strangeness, she grilled okra (surprisingly fantastic), jalapeño peppers (perhaps we should try a milder variety next time, Jo?) and figs for dessert (sublime).

Joanna has now left me again to return to that stupid thing known as a job. I have no need for those brand new beautiful school supplies and brand new hopes for scholastic orderliness. But there’s still plenty of grilling season ahead–an opportunity for my new favorite, if not ingrained, trait::  optimism!