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Thumbs Up – It’s Good for You!

My beloved sister-in-law Brenda Buchanan is a brilliant lawyer and a brilliant novelist (if you haven’t read her Joe Gale mystery series, then you’re in for a treat). But now I’ve learned that Brenda is brilliant in another way: she’s an optimist. And a new study shows that optimists live a whole lot longer than the rest of us whose outlooks are not quite so sanguine. The researchers learned that this greater longevity was true even for optimists who had chronic diseases (which, by the way, they’re less likely to have in the first place).

Brenda’s the kind of gal who won’t give up on her beloved Red Sox when they’re down 7-0 because “it’s only the 8th inning.” In the photograph, taken by Brenda’s wonderful wife, my sister-in law Diane, on their weekly beach walk in Maine, Brenda was giving her thumbs-up sign because it was such a beautiful sunny day – even though it was probably below zero. 

In that spirit, I’ll keep rooting for the (useless) Phillies and hoping for peace in the (impossible) Middle East. Let’s give this optimism thing a try.