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A Five-Day Plan for New Year’s Resolutions that Actually Work!

I like New Year’s resolutions – they’re an opportunity to reboot. But saying you have a resolution or goal to lose twenty pounds is sort of like a Miss America contestant saying that her goal is for world peace.  Neither “goal” says anything about strategies that will help you achieve that goal.   So let’s take these last five days of the year to figure this out.

Day #1 (today!)

Write a list (or a letter to yourself) of positive things an all-knowing and all-loving friend would say about you – what they like about you, what a good friend you are, what a good family member you are, what a good co-worker you are, and what struggles your working through – it’s ALL POSITIVE. As you write the list, you’ll automatically think of ways in which you’re a terrible friend, family member, and co-worker. Change the script! Reframe those thoughts into ones that are more positive.

Make a resolution to take care of yourself, to be kind to yourself, and to be clear that you deserve to make these changes. Why do I ask you to do this? It’s simple: hating yourself gives you a zero percent chance of losing weight and keeping it off. I promise. So please, give yourself a break.

Oh, by the way, the photograph of the gorgeous beauty contestant in this post? She’s a transgender woman. We all travel different paths to reach our goals.