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It Was All Worth It

I threw a dance party on election day, and nobody came. My plan as an outside poll observer was to keep voters waiting in line cheerful enough and well-fed enough that no one wouldn’t give up and go home before voting. I brought candy and granola bars. I washed 6 lawn chairs for older and disabled people and loaded them into the car. I brought more than 50 bottles of water. I printed out a horoscope. My daughter Joanna and I made a dance party music playlist. I brought masks. I brought hand sanitizer.

Well, there was no line and no dance party. Just a steady trickle of voters all day who were happy to take candy, water, and masks, but that was about it. I got a lot of knitting done. I felt like a fool – especially because I hate parties in the first place. We came home, watched the distressing early returns, and gorged on the leftover peanut butter cups. We both felt sick the next day.

But now, even though there’s still so much work ahead of us, I’m full of joy and hope for a safer, saner world. Even the weather is celebrating. The candy is gone, and soon Individual Number One will be gone, too. Next stop: Georgia!