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Please – Not This Year

I’ve always loved the poet Louise Gluck’s description of Thanksgiving as “that vast, consoling meal.” But 2020 is not the year to be vast. As my sister-in-law, the brilliant novelist and lawyer Brenda Buchanan, put it, “This is the year to show how much you care about the people you love by not being with them.” At least, not in person.

So let’s talk turkey. If you haven’t seen the Netflix show Salt Fat Acid Heat, you’re in for a treat. The host, Samin Nosrat, is a brilliant chef who is adventurous, warm, curious – and who also has the best laugh ever. Wouldn’t this be a great year to try her buttermilk-brined turkey breast?

Please be open to reconsidering your 2020 holiday celebrations. It’s okay that they need to be different from what we’ve known and loved in past years. We all want to make it through this year so we can all be together next year. Take good care.