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Asian chicken soup

I love this soup. It’s easy to make, you can put some of it in the freezer, and you can add other things like mushrooms or cilantro or hot sauce to customize it.
Broth ingredients:

  • 8-12 cups of chicken broth (see notes)
  • 2-4 cloves garlic, peeled and halved
  • 1-2” piece of fresh ginger, peeled & cut into chunks
  • 1-4 Tbsp soy sauce or tamari
  • 1-2 Tbsp rice vinegar
  • 1-2 Tbsp fish sauce or lime juice or lemon juice
  • 1 tsp ground pepper
  • (1 Tbsp fresh or 1 tsp chopped lemongrass — optional)
  • (1 tsp sesame oil — optional)

Other Ingredients

  • 2-4 halved chicken breasts (preferably bone-in)
  • fresh baby spinach
  • optional: cooked pasta, such as whole wheat orzo (see notes)


  1. Combine broth ingredients in a large pot, cover, and bring to a boil.
  2. Lower the heat, and simmer for 20 minutes. Check to see if the chicken is done (no more pinkness inside). If not, continue simmering until the chicken is done.
  3. Strain the soup through a fine strainer into another large bowl.
  4. Pour the strained soup back into the pot that you used.
  5. When it’s cool enough to handle, remove the chicken and pull the meat apart into mouth-sized pieces.

To serve, put some fresh spinach a bowl or mug, and pour some of the hot (or reheated) chicken soup over that. You can also add some of the cooked pasta (see notes)


1. If you want to make chicken stock, I’m impressed. I’m lazier, so I use Better Than Bouillon for the broth.
2. Instead of noodles or other pasta, I like orzo, which is rice-shaped pasta, because it makes the soup so much easier to eat. And neater.
3. I keep the cooked pasta and the fresh spinach separate until I’m ready to serve individual portions so that they don’t get overcooked and mushy every time I reheat some of the soup.