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Spiralized Zucchini with Who-Knows What

This recipe is great to make with kids. It’s easy, fun to prepare, versatile, and delicious. It’s starts with spiralized zucchini, also known as zucchini noodles. Because it’s so much fun to make, kids more likely to eat it. The safest inexpensive spiralizer when there are kids in the kitchen appears to be the Joyce Chen Saladacco Spiral Slicer. As you will see, this recipe is a theme with variations.


  • 4-6 medium-sized zucchinis, spiralized (see note #1)
  • 1 Tbl extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 or 2 cloves minced garlic (optional)
  • Protein of your choice:
    • 1 pound uncooked, peeled shrimp, dried in a cloth or paper towel (see note #2), or:
    • 2 cans of rinsed, drained beans, or:
    • shredded cooked fish or chicken
  • Toppings: ½ cup sliced red bell peppers &/or halved cherry tomatoes &/or cooked broccoli &/or cooked asparagus, &/or chopped carrots for example
  • Sauce of your choice, such as pesto, tomato sauce, or olive oil
  • Shredded parmesan cheese (optional)


  • Heat the olive oil over medium heat. Add the garlic, and cook for 30 seconds. If you’re using shrimp, add it now. Cook the shrimp for 5 – 8 minutes, just until fully cooked and pink. Transfer the shrimp to a clean bowl or platter and set aside.
  • Add zucchini noodles to the same pan used for the shrimp and sauté for 60 seconds over medium heat until just tender (see note #3). 
  • Plate the zucchini, shrimp or other protein, & toppings. Top with sauce and cheese.


Note #1: Feel free to use part zucchini noodles, part cooked regular pasta noodles, preferably whole wheat or some type of legume pasta (my personal favorite is red lentil)

Note #2: I always keep a bag of frozen uncooked shrimp (preferably wild — I check for when it’s on sale) in the freezer to have on hand when the spirit moves me.

Note #3: If you prefer, you can microwave the zucchini noodles in a bowl with a tablespoon of water for a minute. Drain.