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Weight Loss New Year’s Resolution Plan, Day 4: Got Help?

We’re now up to Day Four of a five-day plan toward making that New Year’s resolution to care for yourself in a way that will lead to healthy, sustainable weight loss.

Today, I’d like you to consider ways in which you can get the support you need. Have a walking buddy to make exercise more fun and to keep you more accountable. Explain to your family that for now, it would really, really help you if there were no chips in the house. Tell them what you need (or don’t) in terms of encouragement. For example, “I thought you weren’t going to eat that” isn’t support – it’s shaming.

There are so many on-line support groups that may be really helpful. On the other hand, you may hear the term “support group” and think to yourself that you’d rather have a root canal. Figure out what works for you – and what works for you may change as you go along – but do give consideration to who and what will constitute support for you in order to carry out your resolutions.