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Weight Loss New Year’s Resolution Plan, Day 5: Stop Listening to Your Evil Twin

Whew. The last day of a really wretched year. Hopefully, it’s an exciting fifth and last day to plan your New Year’s resolutions.

Remember in past years when people could still go to gyms? And remember how in January, you’d drive by those windows and see that all the treadmills were occupied – and by February, they were pretty empty? I call that the “Evil Twin” phenomenon. We all have an evil twin who tells us it’s okay to skip the gym today eat the whole pint of ice cream or order the double bacon cheeseburger. There’s no way to banish the evil twin completely – but you can absolutely give it less power over you:

  • Go back to the list you made on Day 2. Remind yourself why you’re doing this. Remind yourself why being able to keep up with your friends on a walk is something you want more than you want the ice cream.
  • Think about how good it will feel to exit the “Comfort Food Circle of Hell.” You’ll no longer have to endlessly listen to that continuous loop in your head that tells you that you want to eat something, but you shouldn’t eat it, okay you did eat it, okay now what the hell you’ll eat ten more of that thing because you ruined your day anyway. Don’t you want to be free of that?
  • Your Evil Twin is not a trustworthy source. Challenge its “advice.” Don’t take orders from a cookie.

My last message to you for the new year is simply this: you’re good enough already.

I wish you a happy, safe, healthy, fulfilling New Year.